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Private Tours

We also have exclusive Private Mix & Match Tours (kind of like "choose your own adventure") and Premium Private Tours led by top experts.

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Andrew Zimmern

Gizzi Erskine

Gary Mehigan

Eric Ripert

John Torode

Tom Sietsema

Ryan Clift

We have guided these famous chefs and journalists around Seoul. Let us guide you as well!

NEW: Seoul Hike--The Historic Trail




Trek through Korea's mountainous heritage. Temples. Folklore. Shamanic traditions. Ghost and goblins hiding in the mountains. Followed with a mountainside restaurant retreat.

NEW: Street Fashion Photography Walk






Street fashion photographer Michael Hurt teaches how to take cutting edge street fashion photography in one of the most fashionable districts of Seoul.

Jasmine's Gangnam Secrets

Your guide Jasmine shows you the secret places that the selfie-stick wielding tourists know nothing about.






The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out








Have an authentic Korean night out

Dine at the epicenter of Mapo-style barbecue for some charcoal grilled pork, aged kimchi, and raucous atmosphere. We will then head to the Jeon (Korean Pancake) Market for some cool photos and take our secret entrance into a traditional pub to chill for the evening.

The Dark Side of Seoul






Korea's ONE AND ONLY ghost tour.

Murder! Ghosts! Scandal! This is the side of Seoul that you won’t find in the tourism brochures. Take a tour down the dark alleys of the forgotten 600-year history of bloody massacres, seedy hideaways, and mourning ghosts. Stops on this tour include the following:

**The site of a gruesome massacre**

**The bridge whose stones tell a dark story that lovers and passersby know nothing about**

**A neighborhood known to be occupied by the spirits of prostitutes who met grisly ends**


Chicken and Beer Pub Crawl








Chicken and beer is an obsession in Korea. It is one of the best ways to enjoy an evening with friends and new acquaintances. It's also a great way to take a plunge into Korean night culture. You'd better get your eating and drinking hat on because we go to THREE chicken pubs in the lively Hongdae area.

John Park

NEW! The Seoul Pub Crawl








Can You Handle This?

Seoul's nightlife is its greatest appeal. Ancient Chinese records praise Korea for its skill in making alcohol. Go on a romp Seoul-style with one of Korea's top bartenders and mixology experts. Multiple locations. A thorough education in the past, present, and future of Korean beverages and drinking culture. Learning has never been so much fun. Soju, craft beer, makgeolli... and food to match.

The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

Eat like Anthony Bourdain

The Seoul Pub Crawl

Dive into Seoul's Nightlife

Mix & Match Private Tours

Create your own adventure
$300+/all inclusive

Chicken & Beer Pub Crawl

The Ultimate Night Out

Jasmine's Gangnam Secrets

Shh... Don't tell!

Premium Expert Private Tours

Personalized tour with top experts
$300+ /guide fee

Dark Side of Seoul

Korea's only ghost tour

Seoul Hike: The Historic Trail

Trek Through Folktales and Temples

Street Fashion Photography Walk

Learn cutting edge techniques


"Get This Before Visiting Korea"

Don't go it alone

Eat with us!

Experienced Tour Guides

Our guides are old hats in Seoul. Some are bloggers. Some are interpreters. Some are chefs and food writers. They ALL have a passion to show visitors around their 'hoods.

Unique Tours

These aren't conventional tours. These are the insiders' guides to Seoul with no propaganda and no trips to salesmen.

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Unbelievable Stories

Never be at a loss for party conversation again. Brag to your friends at home the things you ate, the tales you learned, and the people you met.

If you enjoy good food and want to learn about eating habits and table manners in korea, it's the ideal solution.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

Although I'm not a believer of ghosts, it was still awesome to learn the history of all those places!



It's a tour which is off the normal tourist track which makes it even better.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

The Dark Side of Seoul Tour was a blast! Joe was a knowledgeable and accommodating guide that told interesting stories with a dramatic flair! I was legitimately creeped out by a few of them.


Dark Side of Seoul

Joe McPherson

Joe McPherson

Owner, Guide (BBQ, Dark Side, Chicken & Beer, Private)

Joe founded ZenKimchi as Korea's oldest food blog in 2004. He is a food writer and extremely minor celebrity.



Guide (Private)

Marie Frenette has called Korea her home for more than 10 years. She is fluent in the local language. She is interested in plant-based living, sustainability, globe-trotting and is also the volunteer Seoul rep for the vegan food app Happy Cow.

Jasmine Sohn

Jasmine Sohn

Guide (Gangnam Secrets, Private)

Jasmine has worked at the Korea Foundation, British Council, and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family spreading the word about Korea. Her specialty is organizing programs for the delegations from the world to help them understand Korean history, culture, and to build a network with locals. She loves to wander Seoul around looking for tasty restaurants, and share the secrets of Korean cuisine and its sub culture with people from all across the world. 
John Park

John Park

Guide (Seoul Pub Crawl)

Korean American who's classically trained in bartending. Arrived to Korea just as cocktails and craft beers have placed a foothold amongst the youthful neophiles. John as seen or directly participated in the positive changes to the drinking culture that is the Korean nightlife.

Shawn Morrissey

Shawn Morrissey

Dark Side of Seoul

Heritage interpreter, writer, comic book raconteur, armchair weird fiction scholar, self-proclaimed automath, sipper of fine dram, ambler of high places, hopeless conservationist. 17 years of pondering aimlessly in Korea.

Michael Hurt, Ph. D.

Michael Hurt, Ph. D.

Street Fashion Photography

One of Seoul's most experienced and respected Korean-American street fashion photographers. Dr. Hurt knows the ins and outs of spotting great street models, the art and legalities of Korean street photography, and making your shots look great.


Top Things To Do In Seoul: Palaces

Top Things To Do In Seoul: Palaces

The Short and Blunt Guide to Seoul's Palaces Palaces are one of the top things to do in Seoul. If you're coming to Seoul for a short time just go to one palace. Seriously. From my own experience and from talking to guests on our tours, once you've seen one...

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10 Unique Souvenirs You Should Get In Seoul

10 Unique Souvenirs You Should Get In Seoul

Don't know what to buy in Korea? Here are some Korean souvenirs. One of the most stressful parts of traveling is getting Korean souvenirs and gifts for friends, family, and office mates. What are good things to buy in Korea? I've lived in the Seoul area since 2004,...

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Chicken & Beer Night

Chicken & Beer Night

I really get happy when someone signs up for the Chicken & Beer Pub Crawl. I just love Korean chicken and beer. I don't get to go out for it much these days unless someone signs up. We had five with us this week. The weather was unusually chilly and blustery, but...

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A Little Hollywood

A Little Hollywood

A few weeks ago I just had one person sign up for the Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out. Even though I really don't make money when one person signs up, I still love doing the tour. I meet the most interesting people, and we both have a great time. He was a young bearded...

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The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

We had two guests for the Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out last night. A lovely young woman from Malaysia, and an American living in Japan. The American works for Apple, and he was sporting the new iWatch--the first one I've seen in the wild. We all got to play with it a...

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