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Before contacting us, maybe we can answer your questions here.

How much is the tour?

That depends on which tour and how many spots you book. Just go to the tour page, click on a date, and the tour prices are right there at the top.

How much is the tour in Korean won?

Just like in the previous answer, go to the tour page, click on a date. The ticket prices are listed in U.S. dollars and Korean won. Since our reselling partners use USD, our ticket prices are based that. We adjust the Korean won rate every month.

Do you have any spaces available?

Go to the tour page, click a date. It shows how many spaces have been booked and how many are still available.

Is it too late to book?

Go to the tour page, click a date. If you’re able to apply for tickets, it’s not too late. If no one signs up for a tour, we usually close bookings 24-48 hours before the tour. If tickets start getting booked, we usually keep bookings open until one hour before the tour starts.

When does the tour start?

Go to the tour page, click a date (starting to see a pattern here). We highly recommend arriving around ten minutes before the start time. The tour guides can wait up to ten minutes after the designated start time. The reason is that some tours are tightly timed, and we have sometimes missed the closing of the subway trains because the guides waited for latecomers. Try to anticipate that it will take at least an hour to get to the start point, and use the subway. Buses and taxis are just going to get stuck in traffic during those hours.

What tours do you have available?

We have a very convenient informative Tour Calendar to help you answer that.

Can we pay cash?

Sure! We are probably the only tour company in Seoul that will accept cash bookings. It’s very risky on our end, because if the booked guests don’t show up, we’re screwed. Especially if there’s a waiting list, where we had to turn down other guests. Because of a string of no-shows, though, we’ve had to modify our cash policy, requiring a 50% deposit. If you’re not sure your friends will show up, do the smart thing and collect cash from them ahead of time. In fact, it makes things go more smoothly. Our guides usually don’t carry much change.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay in cash (see above), PayPal, or bank transfer. Supposedly, it’s possible to pay with credit card through PayPal. Some guests have been able to get it to work. Some haven’t. If you book through bank transfer, an email will be sent to you with the amount in Korean won and bank account information.

Can we add some extra people to the group?

Usually, the answer is yes. No problem. Just please make sure they show up. And yes, they can pay the group price if your group qualifies for it.

But, be careful!

If you and your friends are booking, make sure you don’t double book. Coordinate. A few times we have scheduled tours for 14 and only seven show up because they double booked. Or we’ve started a tour late because someone’s friend had pre-booked them and they booked again. So we were waiting for them and they were already there as part of their friend’s group.

I added an option to the tour, and it said that I booked extra tickets.

That’s just how the system we have works. It’s the only way we could rig it up. Don’t worry. You’re not being double charged.

I don’t see a tour available on this date. Can we have a tour then?

If the group is large enough, we can try to accommodate. It depends on our guides’ availability.

Do you do private tours?

Yes we do. You can book one of our special Mix & Match tours. Keep in mind that they are premium packages and cost a lot more. But everyone who has taken them has been happy. Some guests have even booked more than once.

Do you give discounts?

We give group discounts.

Don’t see your answer above?

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