Jasmine's Gangnam Style Street Food & Korean BBQ Experience

Jasmine’s Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food Tour

Escape from the Tourists – One of the Top Things To Do in Gangnam

a ZenKimchi Seoul Food Tour

7:30 p.m.*
Start Location: Sinsa Station

What to do in Gangnam?

Gangnam and Garosu-gil are known for their ostentatious wealth, plastic surgery palaces, and tourist-friendly restaurants. Really, Gangnam is a land of Dunkin Donuts and corporate coffee chains.

Your guide Jasmine will show you this, and then she'll show you the secret places that the selfie-stick wielding tourists know nothing about. Go through years bygone with nostalgic experiences that will make you deeply feel what it's like to be Korean.

Start out with some street food and walk around the wide boulevards of neon. Then duck into the alleyways. Enjoy a meal of Gangnam-style sizzling pork Korean-style BBQ.

Jasmine then takes you to an elementary school themed snack joint to indulge in Tteokbokki (Chewy Rice Cakes) and Korean nostalgia.

Finish a satisfying evening in an old hidden pub that locals don't even know about. It's run by an old couple and transports you back in time.

Shh... don't tell anyone!

So, to break it down

  • Korean street food
  • Full Pork Korean BBQ meal
  • School-themed Snack Stop
  • Old-fashioned Secret Pub

Wear comfortable shoes and bring an ample appetite. The ticket price includes all food. It also includes alcoholic beverages (within reason). Non-alcoholic option is available.

All tours must be booked in advance, please. Tours with no bookings 24 hours ahead of time will be cancelled.

Time: 7:30 p.m.*
Length of tour: approx. 2 1/2 hours
Type: Walking, eating
Food types for special diet consideration: meat (chicken, fish, maybe pork), alcohol, smoky environments (even though smoking technically isn't allowed)
Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, umbrella (depends), camera
Start location: Outside Sinsa Station, exit 8 (line 3)

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