Jasmine's Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food Tour

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Jasmine's Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food Tour

Jasmine's Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food Tour

Escape from the Tourists - One of the Top Things To Do in Gangnam

a ZenKimchi Seoul Food Tour

7:30 p.m.*
Start Location: Sinsa Station

What to do in Gangnam?

Gangnam and Garosu-gil are known for their ostentatious wealth, plastic surgery palaces, and tourist-friendly restaurants. Really, Gangnam is a land of Dunkin Donuts and corporate coffee chains.

Your guide Jasmine will show you this, and then she'll show you the secret places that the selfie-stick wielding tourists know nothing about. Start out with some street food and walk around the wide boulevards of neon. Then duck into the alleyways. Enjoy a meal of sizzling charcoal grilled Chicken Galbi, a rarity in Seoul. Then duck into an old Korean version of a speakeasy--a supermarket with a pub in the back. This is '70s style gamaek culture from the Jeonju region. It's like nothing you'd see in glitzy Gangnam.

Jasmine's Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food TourJasmine's Gangnam Style Korean BBQ & Street Food Tour

Shh... don't tell anyone!

So, to break it down

  • Korean street food
  • Full Chicken Galbi meal
  • Old-fashioned speakeasy pub

Wear comfortable shoes and bring an ample appetite. The ticket price includes all food. It also includes alcoholic beverages (within reason). Non-alcoholic option is available.

All tours must be booked in advance, please. Tours with no bookings 24 hours ahead of time will be cancelled.

Time: 7:30 p.m.*
Length of tour: approx. 2 1/2 hours
Type: Walking, eating
Food types for special diet consideration: meat (chicken, fish, maybe pork), alcohol, smoky environments (even though smoking technically isn't allowed)
Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, umbrella (depends), camera
Start location: Outside Sinsa Station, exit 8 (line 3)

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