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Your own personal guide! We have shown around Anthony Bourdain, Bon Appetit magazine, Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods), Gary Mehigan (MasterChef Australia judge), and now we can show around you in your own private tour. You can choose from any of these preset itineraries or tailor make your own.


  • Day tours usually start at 1 p.m. Evening tours usually start at 6 p.m.
  • Base fees include tour guide and transportation (after meeting at the start location) plus extras if indicated
  • Venue add-on cost is added to the base price depending on what you choose.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, each venue add-on price includes food and drink.
  • When transportation is needed, we use public transit (taxi and/or subway).
  • Details may change according to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes restaurants close or go out of business without notice. Street vendors appear and disappear on a whim as well. When this happens, we can usually find alternatives.
  • Some places require reservations, so we need enough advance notice.
  • Payment can be made through PayPal, bank transfer, or cash. Bank transfer and cash prices will be converted into Korean won.
  • 6-hour tours can be broken up to allow for rest time.
  • Requests made within a week of the tour date may run into problems with scheduling.
Check out the itinerary options below

Pick one location for a 3-hour tour. Pick 2 locations for a 6-hour tour. Choose three foods at any location.


Credit: travel oriented (cc)

Credit: travel oriented (cc)

Explore the classic Bukchon hanok village. Walk around Tapgol Park, the oldest park in Korea, which was the birth of the March 1st independence movement and is currently the congregation spot for charming elderly men practicing calligraphy or playing board games. Finally we head to Insa-dong, a street known for its art galleries and traditions. It’s also the best place to pick up souvenirs.


  • Mandu dumplings – $10/person
  • Tteokbokki rice cakes in a famous restaurant known for its rudeness – $15/person
  • Street food (included, when available)
  • Classic Jeonju and other styles of bibimbap – $15/person
  • Historic grilled mackerel pub (night only) – $15/person
  • Grilled fish lunch with side dishes (day only) – $15/person
  • Fermented skate pub (for the very adventurous, night only) – $20/person
  • Traditional tea house – $10/person
  • High end Buddhist temple cuisine restaurant (vegan) – $40/person
  • Vegan Korean restaurant – $30/person


Gwanghwamun Plaza--Cheonggyecheon Stream--Jongno

Credit: travel oriented (cc)

Credit: travel oriented (cc)

We start at the gates to Gyeongbokgung Palace and stroll down Gwanghwamun Plaza, the traditional center of Seoul. After a nice walk down the romantic Cheonggyecheon Stream, we explore the lively Jongno neighborhood for some eats.


  • Old style Kimchi Jjigae stew with pork (day) – $10/person
  • High end Buddhist temple cuisine (vegan) – $40/person
  • Korean fried chicken and beer (night) – $25/person
  • Korean pork BBQ – $30/person
  • High end cow intestine BBQ (very good reward for the adventurous) – $50/person
  • Street food (included, when available)
  • Samgyetang ginseng chicken soup – $15/person
  • Seafood pub (night) – $35/person
Kimchi Carnitas Fries at Vatos Urban Tacos
Kimchi Carnitas Fries at Vatos Urban Tacos

Long considered the neighborhood where foreign soldiers were stationed, from Chinese to Japanese to American, Itaewon has scuttled much of its old seedy reputation to being one of Seoul’s hottest districts. The new food trends that dominate Seoul and spread throughout the world get their start here. Guests can choose the type of places they want to see, from family oriented to more adult fare. This is also a good option if you want to take a break from Korean food.


  • Vatos Urban Tacos – $40/person
    • Korean-Mexican fare that spawned the modern restaurant renaissance in Seoul
  • Linus’ Bama Barbecue – $35/person
    • Authentic Alabama barbecue that spawned Seoul’s new obsession with American barbecue
  • Southside Parlor (night) – $50/person
    • Texas themed cocktail bar that serves the classics, mixologist drinks, and Korea-inspired drinks
  • Rye Post – $20/person
    • Well-praised sandwich pub known for its Bulgogi Cheesesteak
  • Craft beer stroll (counts as 2 venues) – $40/person
    • The craft beer trend had its start here. We’ll check out three pubs run by the brewers themselves.
  • Insider’s pub crawl (counts as 3 venues) – $60/person
    • The places where the longtime residents go to that the tourists don’t know about. Great for meeting new people and hearing great stories. Includes nibbles and a few drinks. Feel free to have more.
  • Bungalow – $35/person
    • A quirky exotic place where you take your shoes off and bury your feet in sand while you sip on a colorful cocktail

dscn0338 This trendy neighborhood is home to hippies, hipsters, artists, punks, and anyone who wants to express themselves. Next to Hongik University, known for its arts program, the area is a hotbed for experimentation. Buskers line the streets, performing. It’s a great place to do some people watching and to truly feel like you’re in another culture.


All are optional depending on your preference

  • Busker street
  • Hello Kitty Cafe
  • Sheep cafe
  • Cat cafe
  • Themed karaoke room – $20/person


  • Fried chicken and beer (classic style) – $30/person
  • Modern chicken and beer in a military-themed pub – $30/person
  • Korean Barbecued Chicken & Beer – $30/person
  • Korean Pork BBQ (featured in New York Times) – $40/person
  • Makgeolli (rice beer) and Traditional Pancake pub – $30/person
  • High end makgeolli pub – $60/person
  • Trendy street foods (included, when available)
  • Spicy Pork Ribs with Cheese “Fondue” – $30/person
  • Spicy Intestines with Cheese (for the adventurous) – $30/person
  • Special Fried Shrimp (patents in U.S.A., Japan, and Korea) with Tteokbokki chewy rice cakes – $15/person
  • Authentic Sicilian restaurant – $40/person
  • Czech brew pub in the shape of a medieval castle – $30/person

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3-hour tour choose one location.
6-hour tour choose two locations.
Make sure to check the BASE PRICES above. Tour fees include Base Price PLUS the rates below.

Noryangjin Fish Market - $60/person
Insa-dong--Bukchon Street food is included when available
Food venue #1
Food venue #2
Food venue #3
Gwanghwamun Plaza--Cheonggyecheon Stream--Jongno Street food is included when available
Food venue #1
Food venue #2
Food venue #3
Itaewon Requested sites (optional)
Itaewon MosqueSeedy side of Itaewon (adults only)
Food venue #1
Food venue #2
Food venue #3
Hongdae Requested sites (optional)
Hello Kitty CafeCat cafeSheep cafeGraffiti AlleyBusker StreetThemed karaoke room - $20/person
Street food is included when available
Food venue #1
Food venue #2
Food venue #3

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