Drink Seoul! A Liquid History of Korea

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Seoul’s nightlife is its greatest appeal. Ancient Chinese records praise Korea for its skill in making alcohol. Go on a romp Seoul-style with one of Korea’s top bartenders and mixology experts. Multiple locations. A thorough education in the past, present, and future of Korean beverages and drinking culture. Learning has never been so much fun. Soju, craft beer, makgeolli… and food to match.

So, to break it down

  • Korean pancakes and makgeolli rice beer
  • Learn Korean drinking etiquette (which is designed to get you drunk quickly)
  • Cutting edge craft beer at a lively pub
  • A real education in soju, along with some anju (pub grub)
  • Extremely informative and friendly guide. Earn a layman’s Ph. D., in Korean booze

Wear comfortable shoes. We suggest that you eat a light meal ahead of time, as the focus on this tour is DRINKING. Our guide recommends you have a cup of coffee before you start as well. The ticket price includes all food and beverages (within reason).

Only guests age 19 and above can take this tour.

The guide has the responsibility to make sure guests do not over-do it. Rowdy behavior and drinking until sick will be restricted with no refund. Let’s all be adults with adult beverages 😉

All tours must be booked in advance, please. Tours with no bookings 48 hours ahead of time will be cancelled.


When: Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.
Length of tour:
 approx. 3 hours
Type: Walking, drinking, eating
Food types for special diet consideration: pork, pancakes, alcohol, smoky environments (even though smoking technically isn’t allowed)
Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, umbrella (depends), camera
Start location: Hapjeong Station, exit 5 (line 2)