Ultimate Korean BBQ Tour

We had two guests for the Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out last night. A lovely young woman from Malaysia, and an American living in Japan. The American works for Apple, and he was sporting the new iWatch–the first one I’ve seen in the wild. We all got to play with it a bit. One thing I noticed about the iWatch is that when you wear one, you make others think you are bored and need to go somewhere else because when you receive a message, you look at your watch. I’m of the generation that is programmed to think that when someone is looking at his watch, he is bored or needs to leave. It’s a new dynamic to get used to.

The BBQ was good, as always. We trekked around the pigs feet market a bit before heading to the pancake market and pub. This was the first tour with the new time slot, so I was worried places would be too crowded, but they were just crowded enough. We ordered some pancakes, makkolli, and Komju–the new low-alcohol grapefruit flavored soju. I always order a variety because everyone likes something different, and it’s hard to predict who will like what. We tried a bottle of honey makkolli later that evening, but the consensus was it wasn’t as good as the other ones. We had talked of going out for some Korean fried chicken afterward, but everyone was too full by the end.

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